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Divining the lyrics of ‘Malgaard’

Please note: the Malgaard lyrics thread below has been superceded by a later collaborative effort by Leo S & Dwars. You can read the results of their fabulous dedicated scholarship here.

When we decided to include the only extant – but very poor quality – recording of the Malgaard Suite on Out Of The Coma, Bobbie spent some hours trawling through the track trying to discern the lyrics, many of which remained indecipherable. Roger had entirely forgotten what he had written, and he had long since lost any written-out version.

We printed Bobbie’s incomplete version in the booklet that accompanied the album, and said that we would be very pleased to hear if anyone could divine anything further.

Recently Leo S. contacted us. He had been attempting that very task! He wrote that;

During the final part of Malgaard, I believe there is a segment in which words can be discerned: “An ancient god” (which parallels the black gates segment of the lyrics)

and sent the following;

“There stood before us ?????
??????? age of an ancient god
The carving bolts asunder through the ?????
Grim gatesforeboding/forebode ?????”


“She breaks her tomb, ice carnal womb,
I break the surface, shatter the curse, her body exhumed
The spell disperses with a ? conjured ripple, all hope consumed”

He cannot wait, Malgaard must date ?????? suffer to me”

His voice, like thunder ‘cross the everglades
?She dashes/launches from her plate? A chill ???? generate
Naive to think you could betray the king, 

Roger read through Leo’s suggestions, but sadly, after such a long time, he couldn’t say with any certainty if they were right.

Many thanks to Leo S., though, for a valliant and much appreciated attempt. We like to think that he got them right!

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    1. Hi Carlo,
      Thanks for contacting us. Sorry that the site is a bit out of date! No gigs planned in the UK for the time being, but we will let you know if and when that changes…


    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your message. The band are taking a sabbatical for the moment, so I’m afraid that we’re not taking any bookings for the time being.


    1. Hello Carlo, thanks for getting in contact. No gigs for the time being, unfortunately; the band are taking a bit of an extended sabbatical break at the moment….


    1. Hello Carlo, thanks for your message. I’m afraid that Comus’ extended break continues – no gigs planned for 2020 I’m sorry to say…..


  1. I have some interpretations of lyrics from the Malgaard Suite as well. Sadly I don’t have a copy of the Out of the Coma Booklet to compare to Bobbie’s interpretations, if any overlap, but here are a few measured by the time code on the track itself:

    Therein, she simmers
    Shining sheen, and shimmer
    By glowing, it’s sad

    Each of thee, I would give up your being
    I must simmer as sad

    Once chance, upon glory
    Created, to watch me
    And she glows with a sigh (our pathways are)
    We’re too high (our pathways are same)

    And when, with her flute
    Our colleagues pray, for her life away

    His voice, like thunder ‘cross the everglades
    He rises from the gate, a chill will generate
    Naïve to think you could betray the king
    Her love the wicked take, she lies beneath the lake
    She lies beneath the lake, she lies beneath the lake
    She lies beneath the lake

    Can you hear, all that fire
    In my heart, and need
    Oh I know nothing that’s quite undying

    She grace her tomb, ice carnal womb
    I break the surface, shatter the stick, her body exhumed
    The spell disperses with a thunderous ripple, hope consumed

    And Malgaard has flown
    From the skies, from my eyes
    Flying far away
    He cannot wait, Malgaard must date
    Depravity, suffer to me

    Or I know, I know I must die, alone

    Strayed from the mountain
    From playing with luck in the fountain
    Chanting and gloating and leering we ‘lo
    The minions of Malgaard from (Evaar?)

    And here he comes, a flash of light
    And here he comes, a flash of light
    Incredible, incredible
    Incredible, incredible
    And there he goes, a flash of light
    And there he goes, a flash of light
    Incredible, incredible
    Incredible, incredible

    There stood before us a jewel from a time old
    Long before the age of the ancient gods
    The carving bolts asunder through a sleigh
    Grim gates foreboding wonder, take me away


    1. Hi Dwars – huge apologies for not having replied to you earlier, and many thanks for your interpretation of the Malgaard Suite lyrics. We’ll add these to the Malgaard lyrics blog, with acknowledgements to you.
      Bobbie was never certain about her interpretation of the lyrics, so yours are just as likely to be as correct as hers! We’ll find her interpretation and send it to you.
      Thanks once again for taking the trouble to send these, and, again, apologies for the lateness of this reply.


      1. Hi again! I also sent an email to the regarding a digital restoration of the original recording. I also did another revision of my interpretation of the lyrics since then. Me and Leo S. got in touch and worked out our interpretations together to create what could be a full version of the song’s lyrics. There are a few words and phrases that are likely off (i.e. replace ‘chartreuse’ with ‘sharp blue’), but it should create a coherent story. Hope that helps as well!


  2. Hi Dwars, thanks for this. Really sorry, but could you resend the email you sent to ‘contact @’, please? The email hasn’t come through to us. We’ve checked the ‘contact@’ address with a test mail, and it appears to be working fine……thanks!


  3. In addition to the lyrical interpretation journey, I was likely going to try to transcribe at least some of the musical bits as well to potentially convert to sheet music. I sent an email about what progress I made so far – hope you guys got it!


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