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17 thoughts on “Lyrics

  1. Hi, I’m sorry could you please send me the lyrics for “Down Like A Movie Star”? I love that song, and I want to make a cover, thank you.


    1. Hi Ignacio, thanks for getting in contact and thanks for your kind words about DLAMS.
      We’ve sent the lyrics to your email address. Good luck with the cover!


    1. Hi, Leo – thanks for geting in touch. To be honest, we’d all like to know the lyrics of Malgaard too! Unfortunately, no copy of the words has survived. Bobbie attempted to work out what they were from the only extant recording, and her reconstituted lyrics were included in the Out Of The Coma booklet.
      As is so often the case, the real villan of the piece is the record company which turned down Malgaard as the follow-up to First Utterence……

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      1. That’s a shame. Either way, despite it being an imperfect recording, it still sounds as brilliant and ambitious as ever. A commendable feat! Thanks for letting me know.


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