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which is run and maintained by Jonny Seagroatt, our wind and percussion player.

You will still be buying brand new items directly from us via Paypal and therefore helping the band, but with the extra assurance and guarantees offered by Discogs.

‘Out Of The Coma’ CD

Comus OOTC

Melloboat DVD: Comus live at the 2008 Festival.

Comus_melloboat DVD

This 82 minute DVD is a record of that extraordinary performance, and includes live versions of these classic First Utterance songs:
Song To Comus, Diana, The Herald, Drip Drip and The Prisoner
plus Venus In Furs, and bonus ‘Comusology’ material.

This is a Region ‘O’ DVD, playable in all regions, but please see here for ‘known issues’.

‘East of Sweden’ CD

Comus Melloboat CD

For a long time the recording of the Comus Melloboat reformation concert in Sweden in 2008, was only available on the DVD  ‘Live at the Melloboat Festival’.

But now you can hear the music in all the usual ways – on your laptop, ipod, stereo, or in the car, with this CD version called ‘East of Sweden’, which was released at Comus’ recent sold out Borderline gig in London on the Gnostic Dirt label.

The CD includes a 16 page booklet featuring photos vintage and contemporary, plus the lyrics of all the songs performed.


A selection of Comus t-shirts are available from Opeth’s merchandise store including;

Comus classic tshirt

The Classic T-Shirt.  Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton crew neck t-shirt, with the original Comus figure drawn by Roger Wootton for the cover of First Utterance, and;


The Out Of The Coma T-shirt. Available as black on white or white on black. Artwork by Roger Wootton.

The following 12″ vinyl albums are available from the Comus page of Rise Above Records’ online store, in a variety of colours. Click on the images to go to their individual pages;

Comus live

Comus OOTC

Comus FU

29 thoughts on “Merchandise

      1. Hi there, thanks for contacting us, but we’re not quite sure what you’re referring to here……sorry if you feel that Comus have ‘sold out’, on the other hand if it simply has to do with the availability of ‘East of Sweden’, we can confirm that copies are still readily available!


  1. Any chance the Comus Finger Figure shirts will ever be restocked? The logo shirts are nice, but the Out of the Coma shirts and the DVD shirts seem a tad too gnarly to wear in public.
    I don’t even think that I could try to print it via a third party, since the design is so obscure that it doesn’t even come up when you google search it.


    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ll have a ferret around in the back of the cave to see if we can find any of those – if we come up trumps, we’ll let you know!


    1. Hi Stan. Thanks for your question. You’re right, of course; the rights to the earlier material are still in the hands of whoever bought them from Universal. I don’t think that Lee holds them via Rise Above though; I’m pretty certain that he simply leased the rights to FU when he did the re-issue…..


  2. Any chance Rise Above could be convinced to release more of their First Utterance pressing? It is hard to come by and is meant to be the better of the current versions available.


    1. Hi Ant,

      Thanks for getting in contact. We don’t have any power to influence Rise Above’s release decisions, I’m afraid, but it might be worth contacting them directly to express an interest in such a re-release; it might give them something to think about….!


  3. I gotta tell you guys…I recently found a copy of To Keep From Crying on LP (and let me tell you, it took forever to find!!!!) and it’s great!!! Highly underrated…don’t get me wrong, First Utterance is absolutely one of THE BEST ALBUMS EVER MADE but i’m digging this album just as much. You guys have such an amazing discography and I can’t wait to hear what the future holds. Now…what do you say someone works on getting the album/demo released that was recorded and supposed to be the original second album but turned down by the label?! If the label didn’t like it then it must be brilliant!!! Btw…I read that from an unofficial source so if that statement is incorrect I apologize…it’s just that I lay awake at night sometimes wondering what it must sound like. Anyways…thanks again for all of the great music!!


    1. Hi, stoneapart, thanks for your message and your kind words about TKFC, which have been passed on to the members of Comus who took part in the making of the album!
      What you’ve read about the label’s rejection of the Malgaard Suite is true. The only version of it to ever see the light of day was a very badly-aged live cassette recording taken straight from the mixing desk at a gig in 1972. We did our best to tidy the recording up and make it at least listenable, before released it as a bonus track on the 2012 EP Out Of The Coma. There are no plans to revisit Malgaard, in part because Roger Wootton cannot recall what he played, nor has he any written record of the original lyrics. If you’d like to investigate it, Out of the Coma is available from various sources, and can be purchased as a download from Bandcamp;


  4. Greetings, I was simply wondering if your albums First Utterance or TKFC are up anywhere for digital purchase, and where I might be able to find them. If they are not yet up for digital purchase, are there any current plans to put them on services such as Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.?


    1. Hi, thanks for your email. Unfortunately Comus do not own the mechanical rights to either of the albums. The mechanical rights are owned by the record companies who originally pay for the recordings. These have now been ‘sold on’ multiple times. We believe that the rights now reside with Universal, so it’s up to them whether or not to digitally release the albums. Sadly, Comus have no say in this at all. If we tried to make the albums available for download, we could be sued for copyright infringement.


    1. Hi Trevor, thanks for your query. Regrettably, Comus is on an extended sabbatical at the moment, so I’m afraid there are no immediate plans for any new releases in the foreseeable future.


  5. Any chance we’ll get a re-release of the Comus – Live in Japan (2012) CD/DVD? This is proving extremely difficult to find online, and I’ve only been able to find snippets of it on YouTube and such, but it looks to be a very high-quality recording, and I’d love to be able to purchase a copy.


    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear that you’re having trouble tracking down the Live In Japan album. Let me check to see if we have any left. If we do I’ll let you know before making them available on Discogs.


  6. Hello!

    I’d really like to learn some Comus songs, is there any official tablature anywhere at all? I’ve been watching youtube videos to try and figure songs out… Thanks!


    1. Hello Jen. Thanks for getting in contact. Sadly there are no Comus tabs available to our knowledge. The band never wrote any of the songs down, and nobody has ever approached us to produce a book of Comus songs. Really sorry that we can’t be of more help.


  7. Great to see that the band is still being dicovered by new people. I am old enough to have seen them live at a club in Southgate North London, late 71 or early 72. I still listen to the copy of First Utterance I bought after the gig.


    1. Thanks for your message, Tony – the band are indeed still being discovered by new people all the time. Good to hear that you’ve still got (and play) the original copy of FU you bought after the gig. As you probably know, clean, original pressings of FU go for silly amounts of money on Discogs nowadays.


  8. Just discovered the band, great stuff. I’d encourage you to get any more material out that you can and spread the word!
    The bands profile needs raising!!
    How I’ve only just discovered you is mind blowing, I’m sure you’ve many more unknowing future fans out there!
    Remind me of the also great band Wolf People
    Best Wishes


    1. Hi Rob – many thanks for your message, and for your kind words. It’s nice to know that people are still discovering the band. Haven’t come across Wolf People before, so thanks for the tip – I’ll give them a listen.


  9. As I’m writing this, I am listening to First Utterance for the first time ever. About halfway through. This album is absolutely amazing. Got chills. Thanks so much for this!


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