Melloboat DVD: Comus live at the 2008 Festival.

Comus_melloboat DVD

This 82 minute DVD is a record of that extraordinary performance, and includes live versions of these classic First Utterance songs:
Song To Comus, Diana, The Herald, Drip Drip and The Prisoner
plus Venus In Furs, and bonus ‘Comusology’ material.

This is a Region ‘O’ DVD, playable in all regions, but please see here for ‘known issues’.

The DVDs come direct from Comus and are brand new.
All transactions are via Paypal.
Price: £5 + £4 shipping.

Melloboat DVD

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‘East of Sweden’ CD

Comus Melloboat CD

For a long time the recording of the Comus Melloboat reformation concert in Sweden in 2008, was only available on the DVD  ‘Live at the Melloboat Festival’.

But now you can hear the music in all the usual ways – on your laptop, ipod, stereo, or in the car, with this CD version called ‘East of Sweden’, which was released at Comus’ recent sold out Borderline gig in London on the Gnostic Dirt label.

A limited edition 12″ double album version in black, green or purple vinyl was also available on Rise Above Records, but this has now sold out.

The CD includes a 16 page booklet featuring photos vintage and contemporary, plus the lyrics of all the songs performed.

‘East of Sweden’ CD

There are three prices, one each for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
All albums come direct from Comus and are brand new.
All transactions are via Paypal.
Europe‘ includes the EU, Russian Federation, Turkey & Switzerland.
World‘ includes USA, Japan, Australia.

Please note: the prices below include packing and postage.

                                    UK: £12.50       Europe: £13.50      World: £15.00

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A selection of Comus t-shirts are available from Opeth’s merchandise stores (Europe, US, Nordic countries) including;

Comus classic tshirt

The Classic T-Shirt.  Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton crew neck t-shirt, with the original Comus figure drawn by Roger Wootton for the cover of First Utterance, and;


The Out Of The Coma T-shirt. Available as black on white or white on black. Artwork by Roger Wootton.

The following 12″ vinyl albums are available from the Comus page of Rise Above Records’ online store, in a variety of colours. Click on the images to go to their individual pages;

Comus live

Comus OOTC

Comus FU


11 Responses to Merchandise

  1. Jeff says:

    Any chance of the 1st LP to be reissued ever?


    • jonseagroatt says:

      Not by the band, Jeff. Believe it or not, they don’t own the rights to the recording……Rise Above Records ( did a high quality vinyl re-issue two or three years ago, and may have some still in stock….


      • qwe says:

        sold out


      • jonseagroatt says:

        Hi there, thanks for contacting us, but we’re not quite sure what you’re referring to here……sorry if you feel that Comus have ‘sold out’, on the other hand if it simply has to do with the availability of ‘East of Sweden’, we can confirm that copies are still readily available!


  2. Christopher says:

    Any chance the Comus Finger Figure shirts will ever be restocked? The logo shirts are nice, but the Out of the Coma shirts and the DVD shirts seem a tad too gnarly to wear in public.
    I don’t even think that I could try to print it via a third party, since the design is so obscure that it doesn’t even come up when you google search it.


    • jonseagroatt says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ll have a ferret around in the back of the cave to see if we can find any of those – if we come up trumps, we’ll let you know!


  3. Stan says:

    Any chance of your earlier work coming for Spotify? I assume it’s all in Rise Above’s hands now though.


    • jonseagroatt says:

      Hi Stan. Thanks for your question. You’re right, of course; the rights to the earlier material are still in the hands of whoever bought them from Universal. I don’t think that Lee holds them via Rise Above though; I’m pretty certain that he simply leased the rights to FU when he did the re-issue…..


  4. Ant says:

    Any chance Rise Above could be convinced to release more of their First Utterance pressing? It is hard to come by and is meant to be the better of the current versions available.


    • jonseagroatt says:

      Hi Ant,

      Thanks for getting in contact. We don’t have any power to influence Rise Above’s release decisions, I’m afraid, but it might be worth contacting them directly to express an interest in such a re-release; it might give them something to think about….!


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