Andy Hellaby’s ‘Sound Portraits’……

Hi everyone
Some of you might know that our bassist Andy Hellaby turned to composing music on an analogue synth during the long gap between the band’s break up and eventual reformation. Andy has now digitised a collection of pieces and made them available for download as an album or individual pieces, varying from the neo-classical to ambient and anything in between! It was these pieces that led to Andy’s many commissions for film and theatre during the 1980’s, although the actual pieces have never been published before. You can check them out here:

Welcome to the new Comus website.

Welcome to the new Comus website.

As news appears – left, gingerly, in the cleft-stick at the entrance to Comus’ cave – it will appear here, slightly chewed, shortly afterwards.

Apropos of which; the next Comus outing will be at the Villa Manuela Festival in Madrid on Saturday, 4th October.

Comus Villa Manuela Festival

The Festival website is just through here, and their resplendent page on the Book of Face can be much admired and fraternally befriended right here.