Welcome to the new Comus website.

Welcome to the new Comus website.

As news appears – left, gingerly, in the cleft-stick at the entrance to Comus’ cave – it will appear here, slightly chewed, shortly afterwards.

Apropos of which; the next Comus outing will be at the Villa Manuela Festival in Madrid on Saturday, 4th October.

Comus Villa Manuela Festival

The Festival website is just through here, and their resplendent page on the Book of Face can be much admired and fraternally befriended right here.

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6 Responses to Welcome to the new Comus website.

  1. Benjamin says:

    Come to chicago!


    • jonseagroatt says:

      We’d love to, Benjamin, and we’ve even looked into the economics of it with Chicago’s very own Steve Krakow (AKA Plastic Crimewave), but the figures don’t quite stack-up yet…….!


  2. Javieru says:

    That feel when you find the perfect festival but you realize it took place two years ago…
    Are you planing to come back to Spain?


  3. Martin B. says:

    Any live dates this year? I first heard Comus a couple of years back and would love a chance to see the band live.


    • jonseagroatt says:

      Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your comment and question. The band is taking a bit of a sabbatical break at the moment, and I’m afraid that there are no live appearances planned for the time being.


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