Bobbie sings ‘The Herald’ (2020 version)

drapery cropped for Bandcamp

Early in June 2020 Bobbie was invited by Comus’ good friend, Steve Krakow, to perform a short set for this year’s online-only Million Tongues Festival, which live-streamed on July 5th.
Steve suggested that it would be nice if the set could contain some Comus-based material, mixed with something along the lines of ‘Deathless’, a 2013 album by Bobbie’s husband (and fellow-Comus member), Jon Seagroatt, on which Bobbie sang.
Bobbie & Jon have just released the resulting four song set as ‘Mortal Tongues’, a thirty minute EP.

‘Mortal Tongues’ contains two radical reimagining of Comus songs arranged by Jon (‘The Herald’ & ‘In The Lost Queen’s Eyes’). If you listen really, really carefully you might just hear subtle, liminal contibutions from Glenn, Roger or Andy drifting through the mixes.  These were drawn from recordings Jon made of the band during Comus rehearsals.

The two Comus re-imaginings were paired with two new songs written by Bobbie & Jon specially for the Festival (‘Traps’ & ‘Frayed’).

‘Mortal Tongues’ is available for listening or download on Bandcamp:

It is also available as a CDr from Discogs.

Below are Bobbie & Jon performing two of the songs from the Festival live-stream.

‘The Herald’:

and ‘Traps’: